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Cookies and privacy

When the website hsb.no is used, some information about this is stored on the user's computer in small text files, called cookies. Cookies are used, among other things, to give users access to various functions on the site, and are a common method of logging which pages the users visit. The information is used to improve the user experience and further develop the site.

The storage and processing of this information is not permitted unless the user is informed and has consented to the information being processed, the purpose of this processing and who is processing the information.

Below you will find information on how cookies are used on hsb.no. By entering and retrieving information and / or using services on our website you agree that cookies will be set in your web browser - since most browsers are set so that they automatically accept cookies.

The purpose of cookies

The purpose of our use of cookies is to obtain statistics and information on how our visitors use our websites, so that we can provide the most relevant information and the best user experience in the future. We also use cookies in connection with marketing.

The Google Remarketing Tag allows us to show you customized ads for our services through Google's ad network when you visit different websites after first visiting hsb.no. This is a cookie used to collect information about users' behavior on the site and to store this data for retargeting when the user has left the site. This way, we can target online ads based on user behavior on the page and see the impact of our advertising. Your personal information is anonymous and we have no means of identifying you as a result of our use of remarketing cookies.

Google and other third parties, such as YouTube, Facebook and DoubleClick.net, also use remarketing cookies to display relevant ads to visitors who have visited our site. An example of this is that once you visit pages related to a specific service on our website, you may be shown ads for the same service when you visit other sites that are part of Google's ad network.

You can reserve yourself against Google's cookies by visiting this site

The website hsb.no uses the following cookies:


This is a so-called session cookie that is necessary for the site to work. This is set when a visitor enters the site and is deleted once the browser is closed.


Cookie used for load balancing at the data center (deleted by inactivity or when the browser is closed)


Session management of the components the hsb.no website consists of (deleted by inactivity or when the browser is closed)

.EPIForm_BID og .EPIForm_Visitoridentifier

Used when submitting form data to be able to identify submission from forms on hsb.no.


Used when submitting form data from hsb.no. Stores any subforms so that a user can continue with the submission upon return. (xxx refers to a unique identifier)


Cookie from Siteimprove Analytics, which is used to gather information about the user's visit to the website. For example, usage statistics means when the user last visited the page. This information is again used by us to improve the user experience on the website. Contains a randomly generated ID used to recognize the browser when a user visits a page. Read more about Siteimprove's privacy policy.


Cookie from Siteimprove Analytics its operating provider Cloudflare.com. Used to identify and security clear individual client computers behind a shared IP address and assign security settings on a per-client basis. Does not store personally identifiable information.

Google Analytics: _ga _gat _gid _utma _utmb _utmc _utmz

These are third-party cookies from Google Analytics. These are used to provide us with information on how visitors use the site. Contains no personal information and is only used for web analytics.


Used by Google DoubleClick to record and report site user actions after viewing or clicking on an advertiser's ads. The purpose is to measure the effect of an ad and present targeted ads to the user. Information is stored for 1 year.


Used by Facebook to deliver promotional products, such as real-time third-party advertiser bidding. Information is stored for 3 months.

guid, ss

Cookies from Delta Projects. Used to generate statistical data about which pages the user has visited and how often an ad click leads either to a purchase or other actions on the advertiser's site. Information is stored for 2 years.


Our websites use calculators from Brage Finans. These use the Hotjar and Google Analytics analysis tools for analysis and customer experience improvement.

_ga _gid _gat_UA- <number>

These are third-party cookies from Google Analytics. These are used to provide information on how visitors use the site. Contains no personal information and is only used for web analytics.


Tells Hotjar if a visit is included in the selection used to make flow reports.

How to avoid cookies

If you do not want to accept our use of cookies, you can withdraw your consent by changing your browser settings so that you either block cookies from being downloaded automatically or that you have a choice to download each one cookie. Cookies that have been downloaded earlier can also be deleted by the browser.

However, be adviced that if you choose to block cookies, this may result in some services on our site not working optimally or that you will not be able to access parts of our site.

How to manage the use of cookies (Norwegian website)